Rollin’ Along on P2

So far, so good. Here is a quick record of my P2 round and my weights for the days that I did weigh. Unfortunately, I was a chickenshit and didn’t weigh before I started loading, nor did I weigh after loading. No. I was skeered. I am going to geuss that I was about 135 before loading.

8/01 – D1 load (begin homeopathic drops)
8/02 – D2 load
8/03 – D3 load
8/04 – D4
8/05 – D5 (end drops)
8/06 – D6 130.4 lbs (begin injections)
8/07 – D7 127.4 lbs
8/08 – 125.6

I started with homeopathic because I knew I would be traveling on the 4th and 5th. Homeopathic HCG is very effective for me. Day 6 and Day 7 were days that I participated in a fair amount of physical activity. On D6, I worked all day at the shop, then swam across Dow Lake and back after work. On D7, I had derby practice – oh, derby, I didn’t tell you about that one! Anyway, I had derby practice and showed up an hour and a half early to practice on my own to get used to my new skate setup. Today was a “work day” which means that I sit in front of the computer avoiding work as long as possible. Then at some point, I begin making entries to the bookkeeping for 3 hours or more without running off and getting distracted.


The More Fat I Lose, the More I Gain

I was up 2.2 lbs this morning. Didn’t eat off anything off protocol yesterday, not even cocoa powder. I ate egg for one protein serving yesterday for the first time on this round.

Yesterday, the only opportunity I had to weigh was after 6 hours of sleep and I showed that I gained 1 lb so, I guess 144 for for no reason that I could think of, other than just weighing too early but I decided not to record it as I didn’t imagine it could be accurate but now, I’m wondering if I should.

I did have exercise class yesterday and on top of my already sore lower body caused by getting lost in the woods, my muscles feel like hamburger so I’m sure there is a fair bit of water retention going on. All that, coupled with the fact that I ate a lot of salt and drank about enough water to sustain a hamster yesterday, I guess are good excuses as to why the 2.2 gain isn’t fat. But then I ask myself, what is it really? I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, even though there’s a good explanation for all of this.

At least my pants are fitting better. Jeans that were very snug at the beginning of this round were baggy in the butt and thighs yesterday. Those are my pre-1999 non-stretch size 9/10’s. This is why I know it isn’t fat-weight that keeps showing up on the scale. I’ll have to report back on how the 7’s fit now, as I haven’t worn them again since that one day.

I guess there will be days like these.

I gained 2.2 lbs over the course of two days, Monday and Tuesday. This is why I hesitated so long to write. I’d much rather not blogged the gain and go on acting like nothing happened. Just making myself or the diet look good and flawless is not why I am journaling publicly though.

Monday, DH and I took the canoe out for the first time to the Hocking river and did about 12 miles or so. I thought all that activity would make up for the gain that morning but it didn’t. The only thing I can think of is the cabbage. I made cod and cabbage soup with Caribbean spices. That was the first time I’ve had cabbage since starting phase 2 VLCD. I also kind of fell off the wagon and didn’t stop eating 6 hours before going to bed. Also probably overate a little too much of the fish soup, or the strawberries.

I am going to have to just keep a food diary everyday and made sure my meals are on a schedule, you know, have regular feeding times. I did up my hHCG drops from 11 three times a day to 12 three times a day. It seemed to help with the weakness and hunger but I am beginning to see that I never do stop having the munchies whether I’m hungry or not.

15 lbs in 15 days

Either I must be really fat or I’m a man because they say that people who don’t have much weight to lose and also women, don’t lose as fast, that daily loss average for women is a 1/2 lb.

Being busy and active all day I feel really helps with fat burning. Yesterday I worked in the shop all day and then all night. They had the fireworks last night and the parking lot around us fills up with spectators so we stayed open. We finished around midnight and went to bed around 1AM. It is difficult to work in the shop though because of all the yummy things to eat staring at me in every nook and cranny. I did discover a delectable new diet drink that is totally HCG Protocol friendly–A strawberry cream soda (with real strawberry purée). I’ll post pics and how to make it soon.

1st and 2nd loading days


After I got my hHCG yesterday, i went to town, spent a bunch of money and came back with 10 avacados, a lemon, 2 bags of tortilla chips, 2 bags of cashews, a bag of walnuts, a bag of trail mix with cashews (i don’t like cashews, can’t you tell?), a cheesecake and a box of creme filled doughnuts. Then I gorged myself. What an awful feeling. I just kept eating and eating. I ate some of everything and I didn’t feel so good when I woke up.

I took the hHCG at 15 drops on a 6 hour interval and continued with it today. I had to work at the shop today so I didn’t get to eat a lot from 8am to 2pm but I did eat some – a piece of Crumb’s Bakery pizza and a handful of nuts, mainly, some coffee. I just didn’t feel I could get it down. When market was over, I had an Italian soda with whipped cream, an avocado, more nuts, and a cucumber. Then I ate nuts all the way home and ate cheesecake when I got there. Now I will go have a doughnut.

I was going to load for 3 days but I don’t think I can. We are going to do the zip line canopy tour tomorrow and I can’t be stuffed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Can you imagine how big of a splat that would make if I hurled from the height of a tree top? I know the hHCG is having an effect on my body chemistry. I can tell something is different by the way I feel. I can’t explain it exactly.

So I guess this means I can’t eat ice cream that my Dad will be making tomorrow. Oh well. I’m sure he will be pleased that I am NOT eating the ice cream!