“Where Have You Been?”

Oh, hi, it’s me, I’m still here. I haven’t weighed in a bazillion days but I weighed today and I’m 2 lbs over LDW so I’m doing an egg correction today.

Yes, I went on P3 earlier than the date I had planned on but it was emergency bail-out, bail-out of the wagon….ahem, off the wagon. You know.

So I’ve been terrified to weigh and have done some back to back correction days. Though today, I am breathing a bit deeper because, all in all, just 2 lbs over LDW is not an unhappy thing for me, it could have been a whole lot more. Just ask all those poor innocent chocolate chips that were sucked into the black hole.

I’ve discovered that this extremely long round was probably counterproductive because the long periods of restriction from eating different kinds of foods was the perfect set up for catastrophic bingeing episodes. It’s not a balanced way to do things. The way Dr. Simeons set it up is that you do 23-45 day rounds with a 6 or more week break in between and do as many as it takes. Had I gone by the book, I don’t think I’d be the blog every other day confessing how much off-protocol disappeared into the black hole (in my face).

Bingeing is a whole ugly mess. I literally like turned into a starving wild animal, all thoughts were on how to get food, getting the food, eating the food, how to get food undetected, how to rationalize a bite, then the next. My personality vaporized, I became entirely obsessed by a primal drive of food-getting and eating. Poor DH was an obstacle in my way, to be trampled and trodden underfoot in my quest to placate the starving wild animal that lives in the black hole.

Moral of the story?

I am a raving lunatic.

Never, never, never, never, never do long P2 rounds.

Don’t obsess in either direction.


Counting…3 Days Until Loading

Loading for P2 will begin 2 days from now on the 15th. I’ve been dealing with a 3.2 lb gain over LDW for the last two days. I did a steak day and an egg day back to back. Other than my usual eating discrepancies, I think part of the problem was I had exercised more strenuously than usual and my muscles hurt the next day so it was probably water retention in the muscles white they were repairing. I was down 2 lbs this morning and peed and peed and peed when I woke up so I must have just been holding onto water.

I found a local restaurant that has homemade cheesecake available all the time so I can safely say that I will soon be haunting that locale.

I’ve taken up a new craft, maybe I already said this before, but if I didn’t, it is 18th century style woodland Indian beadwork. It is really interesting, not like the Native American type beadwork that you see today. This stuff was woven with large beads, like a size 8 using colored wool yarn warp. This new art pretty much has become a fixation and consumes all my thoughts and my time recently. I have amassed a collection of my own work already. I’ll post a pic when I get this other knee garter done. A knee garter is just that, a band that is tied around the leg just below the knee to help keep the legging from falling down. This style of beadwork is attributed to Southeastern Native Americans like Cherokee, Creek, etc. It has a very limited color palette, mostly black and white other than the color of the wool warp yarn which is usually red, black, or green. I happen to use a backstrap heddle loom rigged up in my living room. So other than the boredom of not losing weight, that is the other reason I haven’t been posting much lately.

I’ll soon have to be taking new before and after photos which means I have to find a new top and shorts to wear as the other are now so loose.

Starch is Overrated: Gained 1 LB Yesterday

Looks like today is an egg day.

Yesterday I added in 3 medjool dates, almond butter with a very small amount of unrefineded cane juice sugar and an apple, and a couple TB of coconut oil otherwise everything else was the same. Now there’s too many suspects and I’ve been suspect of coconut oil on phase 2 so who knows. Back to the drawing board.

Gotta run, toodaloo!

Egg Day Worked!

I’ve corrected back to LDW and even another .6 lbs. My weight was 150 lbs this morning. Yesterday I ate 8 eggs (or was that 12 eggs, I can’t remember). Some of them were poached with a little melted butter, some were fried in grapeseed oil. I also had a couple TB of heavy cream, in my coffee and in a cream soda. I couldn’t resist eating 1 pecan neither but it looks like that hurt nothing.

This is pretty exciting because it is a huge let down to see the scale creep up. I got more veggies yesterday – tomatoes, summer squash, kale and then some chicken for today and a big ol steak to keep on hand in the freezer.

Good Thing I Like Steak…

Akshully, I’m going to do an egg day. Others say when doing correction days, they shouldn’t be done back to back, but rather separated by a day of normal eating for that phase, and also different protein than the previous. So I’ll do an egg day today. There are also protein shake days and nut days, and who knows what else.

I carefully recorded my foods yesterday and calculated calories. I ate about 1300-1400 calories. It is possible that I still consumed too much protein and fat as we don’t have alot of veggies in the house right now. Farmer’s Market is today so that should be remedied soon. I did use coconut oil yesterday as I really want to know if I can eat it or not but only a total of 3-4 TB the whole day. (Two of it was in chocolate delight). Maybe that was too much.

Well, I didn’t realize stabilizing would be this hard. I hope that I can stabilize before the 6 weeks is up. I am banking on the addition of more veggies to the diet is the answer. At least I have a list now. I was afraid to buy or eat any before because I didn’t know which ones are OK. I better print that list out before I go to market!