Rollin’ Along on P2

So far, so good. Here is a quick record of my P2 round and my weights for the days that I did weigh. Unfortunately, I was a chickenshit and didn’t weigh before I started loading, nor did I weigh after loading. No. I was skeered. I am going to geuss that I was about 135 before loading.

8/01 – D1 load (begin homeopathic drops)
8/02 – D2 load
8/03 – D3 load
8/04 – D4
8/05 – D5 (end drops)
8/06 – D6 130.4 lbs (begin injections)
8/07 – D7 127.4 lbs
8/08 – 125.6

I started with homeopathic because I knew I would be traveling on the 4th and 5th. Homeopathic HCG is very effective for me. Day 6 and Day 7 were days that I participated in a fair amount of physical activity. On D6, I worked all day at the shop, then swam across Dow Lake and back after work. On D7, I had derby practice – oh, derby, I didn’t tell you about that one! Anyway, I had derby practice and showed up an hour and a half early to practice on my own to get used to my new skate setup. Today was a “work day” which means that I sit in front of the computer avoiding work as long as possible. Then at some point, I begin making entries to the bookkeeping for 3 hours or more without running off and getting distracted.


Another Day and Only 2 More Until Another P2

It seems that I only have 2 days left until I can do another P2. Wow, is that possible it can be so soon already??? I am so not ready but yet eager and waiting to slim down some. I really do notice the 10 lbs I am up. I can see it in my legs and in my waist especially.

I did an egg correction day yesterday and today. I was up 133 on Monday. That was because after skate practice on Sunday eve, I was ravenous and proceeded to go to the grocery and load up on treats. I tried organic coconut fudge bars and OMG they were SO GOOD! I also got a little bit of a lot of other things. I did add sugar back in a while ago but I rarely eat it anymore, just occasionally. That’s probably the most I’ve had in one sitting for a few weeks. I was down to 131.8 this morning and hopefully the egg day today will bring me down even more tomorrow AM.

I sent my skates back today for repair and missed today’s practice as well, but my bruised tail is thanking me for it. I’ll probably miss Friday’s and Sunday’s as well.

I might postpone P2 a week or so. Not sure yet, then again, I might start tomorrow!

Amazing Story from Another Blogger

It’s amazing how this story of a four year old child’s quest for cake so closely resembles my own starving wild animal that inhabits the black hole. There is even a perfect illustration of it.

Work Out and Gain or Be Lazy and Lose

Think about that title for a second. Interesting, huh?

I know if I work out this afternoon, that I will probably log a gain on the scale tomorrow from water retention and I know that if I don’t work out and just putter around the house that I’ll probably show a drop tomorrow. However, last time I worked out and showed a huge gain, I quickly lost it and I *think* yesterday’s huge drop was a result of losing some more of the water weight and improvement of calorie burning since I gained some muscle from the exercise.

So to exercise or not? Knowing what a weenie I am about how I let gains affect my moods, I am hesitant. Stay tuned, you know I’ll let you know.

Wacky Days of Phase 3

So by *official* count, I’m 6 days into it, floating around looking for the shore at the edge of the horizon, hoping for daylight or some sight of land. My problem is I don’t have a Real and Genuine LDW (A.K.A. “LIW”). I had flubbed up so bad I didn’t end P2 when I planned and immediately jumped into some correction days before continuing to weigh again. I began to think my last lowest weight of 123.something would be my LDW, then I thought the 124.something should be since it was my last recorded weight before P3. Now I’m on P3 for real, my body seems to want to be at 126. However I’d already stated at some point if I hit 127, I’d do a correction day which technically means, if I’m following the 2 lbs up or down rule, that my LDW would be 125. Clear as mud?

Today I was 127.2 so I did a protein day. Egss up until around 8 pm. My stomach was so sour by then I couldn’t bring myself to eat another egg but I was still hungry so by eating some dark turkey meat, I hope I didn’t ruin the effect. I had absolutely no carbs today.

I’ve been enjoying avocado, homemade ratatouille sans green peppers, then frittata made our own eggs and leftover ratatouille, olive and coconut oils, almond meal, coconut milk in my tea and coffee, black tea, and yet still having the apples and oranges. I had hoped to have a smoked salmon omelet minus cheese this morning until Mr. Scale told me otherwise.

I wonder if it is too soon to be having almonds because of the higher carb count? It seems to me there are more carbs in one apple or orange than a serving of almonds or really any other kind of nut but I hear all the time from HCG people that you have to watch the nuts. That is so true on so many levels. Does that count coconuts? haha No, but really, I wonder if the coconut milk I’ve been sucking down is a problem for me since it has some carbs. Obviously I’m not stabilizing yet and I’ve been doing the coconut milk the whole time since I can’t have dairy cream. The upside is, NO ALLERGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On all my other interruptions and 1st round P3, the terrible allergies would strike up again but not this time since I know who the culprits are.

I wonder if sesame seeds are ok to eat now? I want some tahini (since peanut butter is out of the question for me). I even have some babaganoush in the freezer. I’d like to eat that. Oh, please?

I haven’t bought any pecans or walnuts which are the lowest carb nuts this time because the price has gone way up on them since I was last able to eat them. harumph!

DH and I tried to eat out in a typical American restaurant. That wasn’t easy at all. I don’t mean not being able to resist the food, I mean the food was all incredibly resistable! Finally, I chose a grilled salmon salad with no dressing and he chose the grilled salmon dinner with a dry baked potato and a salad, no dressing. All the dressing contain sugar, soy, dairy, or wheat. They didn’t have butter, only margarine and we religiously avoid it so he ended up putting ketchup on his potato. Except the ketchup had sugar and high fructose corn syrup in it.

I’ve been using to track my food and the spread of fat:protein:carb ratio. It’s a great tool!

Satisfying the Unsatisfiable Customer

Who might that be, you ask?

I’ll give you one guess. See these socks?

Gold Toe-Moretz sock company brand whatever they’re called makes all these socks. The ones laid out that show two very large ones and two very small ones are my old running socks. They are made as Rights and Lefts. They are strategically shaped for each foot and strategically cushioned specifically for running. I bought them to wear while running back when I actually ran about 2 miles every day or at least several times a week, like in 2005 or something. I mothballed the socks when I quit running but wore occasionally. Somehow both the rights have stretched out to a men’s size 13 foot and the lefts are still the same dainty size they always were. What a waste! I was going to throw them away and cut my losses. But I held on to them. They cluttered up my life for about a week as I was preparing to prepare for letting go. So I took a picture. And I wrote an email to their customer service. See those new socks? The pretty, shiny, new colorful ones, and the one on my foot??? They replaced two pairs of socks with 8 pairs, let me say it again, eight pairs of BRAND NEW ONES! What a deal!!!!! They had apologized in the email and said they’d be glad to send me some samples.

There are three different types and they are all made for running with strategic padding, and even strategic thin spots with venting so your feet don’t get too hot. I am LOVIN’ IT. Unfortunately, I threw my much-loved Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes away. I wore them out, out, like worn out so bad they hurt-my-feet-worn-out. Well, they were old, like from 2005. LOL Anyway, I guess my focus on running socks started the proverbial ball rolling. I have been looking at trail runners. Funny, it only took 2 tries but I found the perfect pair at a local shoe store for $65. They fit like perfection, like I can’t feel them on my feet at all. I mean, you really don’t want to feel your shoes, do you? I bet you can’t guess they are Asics. Apparently Asics tend to fit people with wide feet and that I’ve spent over 10 years yoyo-ing around in the obese range, my feet are wide! They’re all picked out now, someday I’ll buy. I went on ebay, my favorite place, to see if I could get them cheaper, you know if they store wants $65, maybe I could pick them up for like $30 or something? I kinda freaked when the cheapest ebay price was $10 more than the store! Here’s a pic:

So there’s all kinds of neat consumer products I could tell you about that I think I might like to have in my possession but the point was the socks and how cool of a company that Gold Toe Moretz turned out to be. I have lots of their other socks because you can’t hardly wear them out, they’re like kevlar even though they might cost a couple dollars more in the beginning.

I have another dissatisfied/satisfied customer story, too. It’s longer and more drawn out and not really over yet but sorta.

Anyway. Here, it’s about the company Patagonia . I have this really nice, very attractively designed down coat that comes down to my knees. It is a dark eggplant purple color and is so atypical of the classic “puffer coat”. I hate that name, BTW. Here’s a pic of it
Anyway, the coat value was around 300-some-dollars when new. So lucky me, right? Yeah! I have loved this coat since 2006. In 2009, somehow I thought it was a good idea to wear this coat to go feed the chickens who live in a contraption made of wires that poke every which direction from which my coat did not escape. I tore the thin polyester shell in a couple places on the shoulder. I quit wearing the coat so we could send it in for PROFESSIONAL REPAIR because yeah, I could have put a patch on it but you don’t just put a patch on a 300-some-dollar coat.

DH said he’d send the coat out for me since he wanted to send a courier bag in for repair as well (oh man, whole other nightmare there). Finally after about 6 months, he sent the coat. 2 months later, it came back, with the crappiest looking patch that looks like it was sewn on by one of the dock workers. They even managed to miss one of the holes. On top of that, they sewed through the liner. That part is important because a down garment really needs to have a liner which is a third layer of fabric since the stitching goes through the first two layers of fabric creating the baffles that hold the feathers. Because of the sewn-through construction method, the wind can blow through the stitching holes but the liner blocks it from reaching you. Not so important on low end everyday clothes but Patagonia makes premium high-end outdoor clothing and gear. They should know this. They do know this. I was livid.

DH used to work in the outdoor gear industry so I asked him to handle this as far as he could for since he talks the lingo, is polite and sounds convincing, (instead of just P.O’d and ready to rip someones head off). Somehow the first girl he talked to told him we could pick whatever coat we wanted to replace it and don’t worry about sending the other back. We called back the next day and some other girl said that first girl was new and didn’t know what she was talking about, that no, they couldn’t do that. So I called. A third girl offered me an inferior quality down coat, ugly too. All I wanted was my beloved coat professionally fixed! She agreed that they shouldn’t have sewn through the liner, since she herself had her own down jacket repaired and they had to remove the liner first. She agreed to expedite the repair and 2nd day Air ship back to me. They sent me a call tag via email, I dropped off the package. Ohio was freezing and still frozen. 2 weeks later I get the coat back. I was livid.

They put on a bigger patch that covered both holes but they still sewed through the freakin liner! On top of that, the patch looks like a patch. It’s rectangular and they didn’t even follow the contours of the baffles. Meaning, they should have used the stitch-in-the-ditch method and only sewed on existing seams should have cut the patch to match up to the existing seams. I called again. And again. They still wanted to give me that other crappy coat.


They offered a cash refund…at a seriously steep depreciation…which wouldn’t buy me an equal quality coat. They offered store credit…at a seriously steep depreciation. One of the sales boys I talked to also agreed that sewing through the liner of a down garment was unusual and “not usually how we roll”. BUT, when I talked to a manager, he indignantly told me that it didn’t matter that two different people said that it was unusual to sew through the liner and he would absolutely under no circumstances tell me the first names of the sales people that told me that.

Since I love this coat, and now obsessed with this whole process, I am not going to let this drop. I pressed DH to rack his brain to see if he could remember any of Patagonia’s sales reps he used to deal with in the industry. The sales reps are the ones that travel deal with commercial accounts, unlike the kids answering the phones. He said he’d been out too long and didn’t know any of them anymore. What about anyone he knew still in the industry that dealt with Patagonia? Eureka! Years ago, when he was a manager at a particular outfitter, there was a guy that worked under him that later went on to open his own outfitter shop in the Dayton, OH area.

So, long story short, this shop owner talked with his Patagonia rep and got it taken care of. He asked me to email him pics and details of the saga. Somehow they had enough pity on me. Soon, we got a phone call asking me what style, color and size coat would I accept as an equal replacement. That *Should* be end of the tale. When it arrived, it was the wrong color. The shop owner called Patagonia to find out what happened and they said it was all they happened to have at the moment but it’s really strange because I asked for grey and they sent black. On their website, they list all sizes of black as sold out but yet plenty of they grey left. This is just maddening! Now I am in the process of trying to sell it on ebay, use the money to buy the right color from Patagonia. Crazy. Just crazy. I was tempted to sell it and just use the money for new clothes or shoes or whatever since I’ve been donating all my potato sacks to charity and have nothing left to wear but DH says it’s not ethical, that they sent me a nice coat because they messed my nice coat up and if I sell it, I should replace it with a Patagonia coat. I see his point but we’ll see what happens. Here’s a link to the grey coat I wanted. Just imagine it in black and that is what I have.

Oh, and the outfitter hero, Andrew, his shop is called Great Miami Outfitters and their website is When business picks up for us again and the coffers start filling up again, I plan on buying something from his shop or maybe just take a trip out there. As for Patagonia, I’ll still buy from them but I won’t be sending anything to them for repairs.

The Patagonia Coat Saga, Part II – Updated February, 22, 2011

So the black coat sold on ebay for $329 or something like that. Patagonia had put the same coat on clearance on their website for $244 around that same time in the color I had originally asked for. I watched and watched their website making sure that my size was still available. The winning bidder called us with a credit card and we ran it through our business’ merchant account so it ended up taking 3 or so days for the funds to become available. When they finally posted to our checking account, I noticed that Patagonia SOLD OUT OF MY SIZE!! I could hardly believe it. So I got on ebay. Like a miracle rainstorm in the desert, there it was, in all it’s silvery glory, my size, my color and only $200 with FREE SHIPPING!!!!! I placed my bid and waited. And waited. And waited for the auction to be over and to make sure no one outbid me. I WON! WooHOO!!! I got the coat, it’s perfect. I really, really like it. It is now my dress coat….also the early morning go outside in pajamas to feed the dog coat. (No, he doesn’t touch the coat. At all. I taught him early on to stay away from me and don’t touch me. Go ahead and think I’m a big meanie, but, no, I don’t really like dogs. I do like him. And some other well behaved dogs. If he chooses to behave around me I will be comfortable to interact with him. If he acts like a spastic little fruitcake I tend to ignore him and eventually lose interest in trying to be around him. The choice is his. I digress.) The nice part, I had an extra $130 approx to spend on paying the ebay fees (about $30) which left me $100 to spend on clothes! This is especially nice since I remove and donate about a paper grocery sack worth of clothes from my drawers and wardrobe every couple of weeks. I now officially have zero pairs of shorts that will stay upon my butt any longer.

Ok Bye!

“Where Have You Been?”

Oh, hi, it’s me, I’m still here. I haven’t weighed in a bazillion days but I weighed today and I’m 2 lbs over LDW so I’m doing an egg correction today.

Yes, I went on P3 earlier than the date I had planned on but it was emergency bail-out, bail-out of the wagon….ahem, off the wagon. You know.

So I’ve been terrified to weigh and have done some back to back correction days. Though today, I am breathing a bit deeper because, all in all, just 2 lbs over LDW is not an unhappy thing for me, it could have been a whole lot more. Just ask all those poor innocent chocolate chips that were sucked into the black hole.

I’ve discovered that this extremely long round was probably counterproductive because the long periods of restriction from eating different kinds of foods was the perfect set up for catastrophic bingeing episodes. It’s not a balanced way to do things. The way Dr. Simeons set it up is that you do 23-45 day rounds with a 6 or more week break in between and do as many as it takes. Had I gone by the book, I don’t think I’d be the blog every other day confessing how much off-protocol disappeared into the black hole (in my face).

Bingeing is a whole ugly mess. I literally like turned into a starving wild animal, all thoughts were on how to get food, getting the food, eating the food, how to get food undetected, how to rationalize a bite, then the next. My personality vaporized, I became entirely obsessed by a primal drive of food-getting and eating. Poor DH was an obstacle in my way, to be trampled and trodden underfoot in my quest to placate the starving wild animal that lives in the black hole.

Moral of the story?

I am a raving lunatic.

Never, never, never, never, never do long P2 rounds.

Don’t obsess in either direction.

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