Commence New P2 Round

I just can’t wait anymore. I haven’t weighed in several days so not sure where I am. I guess I’ll get tomorrow AM’s weight and go from there. I have some homeopathic drops left and just took my first dose – 10 drops. I really hesitated because I have a 2 day road trip coming up at the end of this week. If I wait, it just pushes my start date back that far and I really feel the urgency to do this now. One thing that is happening beginning tomorrow, is the planet mercury goes retrograde which is a funky astrological thing. It is a time that mercury appears to be going backward in the sky. It causes problems with electronics, mechanical apparatus, forgetting things, changing ones mind, communications,etc. It is not a good time to begin new things, make major purchases, or sign contracts. However, it is good for making U-turns, finishing projects you’ve put aside, cleaning closets, revisiting unresolved issues, etc. I’ve heard conflicting opinions of starting a diet during mercury retrograde. One school of thought says that when it goes direct, you will not stick with it anymore. The other school of thought says since losing weight is about going back and undoing something, this is a perfect time. In the case that this HCG journey is an ongoing project that is not finished, my beginning P2 is sort of a re visitation and attempt to finish a larger accomplishment.

As of today, I think I’m about 20-25 lbs out from my final goal of 110lbs which is the median point in the height/weight charts for 5’0″. I plan for this to be my final round and to limit it to 25-30 days. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sound like a realistic goal that can be achieved in those parameters so I am not sure what will finally happen. Should I do a long round or do two more rounds instead of one? At this point, I cannot decide. I’ll be working out a few times a week during this round unlike previous rounds so maybe it can happen!


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