Another One from the Web

How did you like God of Cake at Hyperbole and a Half? I laughed and laughed and laughed until my throat was sore. God of Cake.

Here’s another related blogpost, this time from a dieter in a similar theme.

I can only tell you the same things over and over again so I’m just pointing at others who are telling the same story, only better than I can.

But you want to know where I am. Um. Well, how about not weighing during a planned interruption. I’ve been exercising like crazy. I went to the gym for the first time in literally 4 years or more and worked out for three hours straight. Good news is that I can still run as fast and as long as I used to. My cardio isn’t gone. My muscles have atrophied quite a bit. I used to curl 20 or 25 lb dumbbells for like 3 sets of 8 reps or until muscle failure. I have learned that if I want to have long, lean muscles and look more like a dancer instead of a dock worker, that I should use lighter weights and higher reps. Supposedly it does the job all the same. Anyway, I was doing like wimpy 6 lb dumbbells for 3 sets of 20 reps. I know weighing while still having muscle soreness will be a major let-down since the muscles will still be retaining water. I’m just going to keep eating my greasy meat, eggs, and avocados and working out.

Dog training is going well. The “Fat Man” again confirmed that Chithi is smart and said that all things remaining constant, he should be capable of learning to herd livestock within a few months. We’d like him to chase the chickens back into the coop instead of just chase the chickens. Mister “Fat Man” has sheep and trains border collies to herd sheep. He goes to “trials”, whatever that is. What’s a trial? I should just go look it up, right? I think it is a sheep herding competition for dogs. Anyway, he’s good, that’s my whole point of mentioning that.

It’s really funny, I stood back and let DH work with Fat Man exclusively since DH is the one having the most problem with the dog. DH is the one that needs the training, lol! When I’m asked to perform a task with him, he does it for me pretty much without fail on the first try. My only problem with him is that he can’t stop peeing on me. I have to stand way back when he decides to lay down because he might roll over and I risk getting sprayed in the face which happened an hour ago. We were playing fun doggy games and I asked him to lay down but he decided that was just not impressive enough so once he hit the ground, he decided to roll over, too. Mid-roll, a light spray of droplets sprinkled my face, not much just enough to piss me off and make me feel as if I’d been contaminated by icky. Anyway, here I am freshly out of the shower. The poor dog is probably wondering why I didn’t like his trick.

“They” said it was just lack of bladder control and he’d grow out of it because he was just a puppy or that it was excitement-peeing or that it is submissive-peeing. I don’t care what it is, it is just pissing me off.


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