Rollin’ Along on P2

So far, so good. Here is a quick record of my P2 round and my weights for the days that I did weigh. Unfortunately, I was a chickenshit and didn’t weigh before I started loading, nor did I weigh after loading. No. I was skeered. I am going to geuss that I was about 135 before loading.

8/01 – D1 load (begin homeopathic drops)
8/02 – D2 load
8/03 – D3 load
8/04 – D4
8/05 – D5 (end drops)
8/06 – D6 130.4 lbs (begin injections)
8/07 – D7 127.4 lbs
8/08 – 125.6

I started with homeopathic because I knew I would be traveling on the 4th and 5th. Homeopathic HCG is very effective for me. Day 6 and Day 7 were days that I participated in a fair amount of physical activity. On D6, I worked all day at the shop, then swam across Dow Lake and back after work. On D7, I had derby practice – oh, derby, I didn’t tell you about that one! Anyway, I had derby practice and showed up an hour and a half early to practice on my own to get used to my new skate setup. Today was a “work day” which means that I sit in front of the computer avoiding work as long as possible. Then at some point, I begin making entries to the bookkeeping for 3 hours or more without running off and getting distracted.


Commence New P2 Round

I just can’t wait anymore. I haven’t weighed in several days so not sure where I am. I guess I’ll get tomorrow AM’s weight and go from there. I have some homeopathic drops left and just took my first dose – 10 drops. I really hesitated because I have a 2 day road trip coming up at the end of this week. If I wait, it just pushes my start date back that far and I really feel the urgency to do this now. One thing that is happening beginning tomorrow, is the planet mercury goes retrograde which is a funky astrological thing. It is a time that mercury appears to be going backward in the sky. It causes problems with electronics, mechanical apparatus, forgetting things, changing ones mind, communications,etc. It is not a good time to begin new things, make major purchases, or sign contracts. However, it is good for making U-turns, finishing projects you’ve put aside, cleaning closets, revisiting unresolved issues, etc. I’ve heard conflicting opinions of starting a diet during mercury retrograde. One school of thought says that when it goes direct, you will not stick with it anymore. The other school of thought says since losing weight is about going back and undoing something, this is a perfect time. In the case that this HCG journey is an ongoing project that is not finished, my beginning P2 is sort of a re visitation and attempt to finish a larger accomplishment.

As of today, I think I’m about 20-25 lbs out from my final goal of 110lbs which is the median point in the height/weight charts for 5’0″. I plan for this to be my final round and to limit it to 25-30 days. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sound like a realistic goal that can be achieved in those parameters so I am not sure what will finally happen. Should I do a long round or do two more rounds instead of one? At this point, I cannot decide. I’ll be working out a few times a week during this round unlike previous rounds so maybe it can happen!

Another Day and Only 2 More Until Another P2

It seems that I only have 2 days left until I can do another P2. Wow, is that possible it can be so soon already??? I am so not ready but yet eager and waiting to slim down some. I really do notice the 10 lbs I am up. I can see it in my legs and in my waist especially.

I did an egg correction day yesterday and today. I was up 133 on Monday. That was because after skate practice on Sunday eve, I was ravenous and proceeded to go to the grocery and load up on treats. I tried organic coconut fudge bars and OMG they were SO GOOD! I also got a little bit of a lot of other things. I did add sugar back in a while ago but I rarely eat it anymore, just occasionally. That’s probably the most I’ve had in one sitting for a few weeks. I was down to 131.8 this morning and hopefully the egg day today will bring me down even more tomorrow AM.

I sent my skates back today for repair and missed today’s practice as well, but my bruised tail is thanking me for it. I’ll probably miss Friday’s and Sunday’s as well.

I might postpone P2 a week or so. Not sure yet, then again, I might start tomorrow!

P4 Update, All Is Well, Sorta

I bet y’all thought I fell off the wagon for good, didn’t cha? LOL Nah, I’m in Round 2 Phase 4. I’ve gained 5-10 lbs but seem to be stabilizing around 131-ish. I am Day 66 on P3/P4 which is 9 wks plus 3 days. Although round 2 only requires an 8 wk stabilization phase, I chose to do 10 wks since I had done a hugely long Phase 2 and figured my system deserved that extra two weeks before another round.

Yes, I plan on doing another round. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can actually reach my target weight in one short round since I gained so much over the past 9 weeks. I wanted to do no longer than a 30 day round which means maybe 15 lbs loss is possible. I’m at 131 today. 110 is my goal weight. Hmmmm. I’m still doing correction days occasionally. Where I got into trouble was earlier on in P3. There were two days where I shot up 3 lbs over night within one week. Unfortunately, a correction day only takes off 1 whole pound if you’re lucky. I can do correction days back to back but still that only nets me up to a 2 lbs loss…and I needed to loose 6. From there it kept creeping up gradually and slowly.

I was working out and exercising pretty regular but then life threw some things at me where I had to stay in the house during the day and work on fiddly things and my exercise class was canceled for weeks in a row. The weather has been overly hot, too, which doesn’t help wanting to go outside.

Recently, I’ve begun going to roller derby practices. I got a pair of skates a few days ago but prolly going to have to send them back for repair because something was defective with the mounting right out of the box. They recommended skating on them to see if it would correct itself but so far, no go. After tonight’s practice, I’ll know for sure if they need to go back. I fell on my butt at practice on Friday and hurt my tailbone. It’s a lot better this morning but the first thing I did when I came home after practice was to get on the internet and order a pair of padded shorts!

I’m also stoked about getting outdoor wheels so I can go out on the bike path. I’ve got them ordered but have to wait for them to come in along with the rest of my protective gear — helmet and wrist guards. I need to find a mouthgard, too. Any suggestions on brand or type?

Quick Update

Yes, it’s been a long time since my last post regarding the diet, my health, my weight etc. I’ve had some problems and eating disorder stuff pop-up so I really needed to change directions for a while. I took what amounted to a 3 week interruption which was really a giant off-protocol binge, well, not so bad, I actually ate P3 for a solid week but I wasn’t weighing. I don’t know, like I said, I had to get my mind off of the whole thing. These terrible emotions that were bombarding me were things that haven’t happened since, like, well, childhood, really.

So I made and appointment with a hypnotist. Things went really well. She addressed my issues at a root level, not just a negative-association with food type of hypnotism. She addressed stuff that started in early childhood that messed me up with food for a long time. I don’t want to go into it but let’s say my parents and grandparents had a feud about what I was being fed which led to my living conditions being changed to that of complete instability that affected the whole way I viewed my body, food, the way I loved or hated myself, etc.

That being said, I was engaging in a lot of emotional eating.

Now, I’ve been on injections for 3 weeks and 3 days. I don’t know how much I’ve lost because I don’t know how much I gained in my interruption (but I guarantee you it was a huge pile of fat!) I have 3 more weeks to go. For now, I am not going to disclose my current weight but I’ll report back when I get to 120 lbs.

On a different note, I talked to a doctor recently and with the medical weight charts, determined that my healthy weight range for my frame size is about 100 to 115. When this round is over, I might be there, or maybe not which means another round and that will be fine. I still have to try to stabilize in my 8-10 weeks of P3/P4. I should say that in the last 24 days, I’ve been doing really well as far as not eating off-protocol. Also, the loose-skin problem that I was so mortified about a month or two ago seems like it is resolving itself. The skin seems to be shrinking up! I look different now that I did when I was this same weight last time (a month or two ago), I think from a different fat distribution and also skin tightening.

Because I don’t want to focus so much on the scale until P3 because it drives me into psychosis, I won’t be posting the daily weight loss chart this time unless I get really brave towards the end of the round.

Another One from the Web

How did you like God of Cake at Hyperbole and a Half? I laughed and laughed and laughed until my throat was sore. God of Cake.

Here’s another related blogpost, this time from a dieter in a similar theme.

I can only tell you the same things over and over again so I’m just pointing at others who are telling the same story, only better than I can.

But you want to know where I am. Um. Well, how about not weighing during a planned interruption. I’ve been exercising like crazy. I went to the gym for the first time in literally 4 years or more and worked out for three hours straight. Good news is that I can still run as fast and as long as I used to. My cardio isn’t gone. My muscles have atrophied quite a bit. I used to curl 20 or 25 lb dumbbells for like 3 sets of 8 reps or until muscle failure. I have learned that if I want to have long, lean muscles and look more like a dancer instead of a dock worker, that I should use lighter weights and higher reps. Supposedly it does the job all the same. Anyway, I was doing like wimpy 6 lb dumbbells for 3 sets of 20 reps. I know weighing while still having muscle soreness will be a major let-down since the muscles will still be retaining water. I’m just going to keep eating my greasy meat, eggs, and avocados and working out.

Dog training is going well. The “Fat Man” again confirmed that Chithi is smart and said that all things remaining constant, he should be capable of learning to herd livestock within a few months. We’d like him to chase the chickens back into the coop instead of just chase the chickens. Mister “Fat Man” has sheep and trains border collies to herd sheep. He goes to “trials”, whatever that is. What’s a trial? I should just go look it up, right? I think it is a sheep herding competition for dogs. Anyway, he’s good, that’s my whole point of mentioning that.

It’s really funny, I stood back and let DH work with Fat Man exclusively since DH is the one having the most problem with the dog. DH is the one that needs the training, lol! When I’m asked to perform a task with him, he does it for me pretty much without fail on the first try. My only problem with him is that he can’t stop peeing on me. I have to stand way back when he decides to lay down because he might roll over and I risk getting sprayed in the face which happened an hour ago. We were playing fun doggy games and I asked him to lay down but he decided that was just not impressive enough so once he hit the ground, he decided to roll over, too. Mid-roll, a light spray of droplets sprinkled my face, not much just enough to piss me off and make me feel as if I’d been contaminated by icky. Anyway, here I am freshly out of the shower. The poor dog is probably wondering why I didn’t like his trick.

“They” said it was just lack of bladder control and he’d grow out of it because he was just a puppy or that it was excitement-peeing or that it is submissive-peeing. I don’t care what it is, it is just pissing me off.

Amazing Story from Another Blogger

It’s amazing how this story of a four year old child’s quest for cake so closely resembles my own starving wild animal that inhabits the black hole. There is even a perfect illustration of it.

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