Day 1 of Interruption

I gained a zillion pounds from my recent indiscretion. In my universe, 3.4 lbs = zillion. Resigned to my fate, I removed my bracelet with the prize beads and plopped it down on a pile of DH’s junk. I’ll ask for it back after the zillion pounds are gone.

Even yesterday, I was still on my binge rampage. Most of the problem was that DH left me alone at the shop. Left me alone with cookies.

Much earlier in the diet, we removed all the tempting off-protocol food from the house. Why would anyone think it was a good idea to leave me alone in a place full of yummy stuff? Last round, I never ended up having to work by myself for a very long period of time. I can handle it for awhile but I was in there all day yesterday, from 7:30 AM to after 3:00 PM. I think I blew it around noon or so. Anyway, the adage is true – once you pop, you can’t stop.

Late at night, I had decided that since i had royally blown it, that I should grandly royally blow it and enjoy myself a bit so had cup after cup of homemade egg nog. But this contains milk! And I’m lactose intolerant! And who knows, maybe casein intolerant as well!

I documented the effects of consuming the milk product.

within 5 mins:
Uncomfortable full feeling, stomach overfull, bloating, pressure

sneezing, bloated, gas, belching

45 min – 2 hrs
itchy face, shoulders and neck tense, more sneezing, sinus mucus drainage, irritated sinuses, itchy eyes, bloating, gas belching

symptoms continuing until going to bed:
face itches, eyes itch, nose itches inside and out, sneezing, nasal mucus drainage

next day:
snotty, mucusy sinuses, sniffling, can’t breathe freely through nose, sense of smell inhibited, drainage

Isn’t that interesting?

I intend to not add dairy back in again during this interruption until all the symptoms leave, and then if I’m ready, I’ll eat hard cheese or something and see if it sets the allergies off. Otherwise, I’ll do it during phase 3.

Back to the subject of diet and interruption, I guess my plan is to do a protein day today. I mean, I know protein days aren’t meant to be a correction to cheating but I know I should be eating phase 3 style in the interruption…and on phase 3, when gaining more than 2 lbs, you do a protein day. I hope I’ve made the right decision.

At about 6 or 7 pm, I’m going to stick a boat load of white and dark meat chicken in the convection oven WITH THE SKIN ON, sprinkled with herbs and spices. I guess technically, I should plan on having a tomato or an apple with that per Dr. Simeons. I’m going to pop as much of that chicken as I can fit in that hole in my face.

I’m just going to focus on that. Just that. Let me get through today.

Sometime during this interruption on a full belly, I’m going to make a tray of walnut baklava for the shop. I don’t usually have any temptation to snitch the ingredients, other than the walnuts, so I think I can be ok with this project. It contains wheat phyllo, honey, and a little sugar so I’ll have to make sure to bake it after DH comes home so that when I cut and package it, that I’m not alone.

My revised plan for success for continuing on P2 after the interruption is to #1. I SHALL NOT BE left alone at the shop, and #2. I SHALL NOT bake cookies or anything that is NOT a batter type goodies like muffins or banana bread unless DH is there in the kitchen with me to hold my hand. (With batter type stuff, there is nothing to snitch, no broken ones to have to dispose of). And, #3, unless DH is home and in the kitchen with me holding my hand, I SHALL NOT make angel food cake from the leftover egg whites because there are tons of crumbs to dispose of when removing it from the pan, and the glaze tastes way too good.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself until 6 or 7 o’clock rolls around. I’m trying to occupy myself well away from the kitchen but I’m getting computer head. You know when you’ve been on the computer too long and your head seems fuzzy, like it’s full of mushy stuff that can’t think very well. That’s computer head. I guess writing a book isn’t the answer, altho I do need to read Pounds and Inches again. And I should put some laundry away and then maybe look at clothing catalogs on the internet after computer head goes away. All that after I make myself a cup of coffee. Well, wish me luck. I guess this interruption is the first step to getting back with the program. (Don’t let me kid you, I just wanna eat fat things).

Oh, BTW, you know how I feel? Like there’s a rope attached to my hand and the rope goes through a pulley and on the other side there is a hammer – above my head, and there is a cookie in my hand, and I’m starving, and every time I bite the cookie, the hammer hits me in the head. That is how I feel.

Spontaneous Unplanned Planned Interruption

I give up. Sort of. I have to take an interruption, I’ve lost my resolve. I want to eat everything, I’ve been eating everything and I can’t do this diet like that. I stopped my HCG already. My last dose was Saturday morning. I didn’t take Saturday night’s because I kind of thought it was time for a break. I didn’t eat all day because I thought I would be home around 2 pm but I didn’t get home until around 6 or 7 pm and I was SO hungry. I was in the shop alone late in the afternoon and it began by tasting a little of this and a nibble of that, thinking, well, I just won’t eat my fruit servings, tonight or my vegetables and so on and so forth. By bedtime, I had poked so much crap into the hole in my face that I felt sick, sick to my stomach and sick in spirit, in such a dispirited state, I didn’t feel like worthy of taking my HCG. I vacillated on the cusp this morning, trying to decide if I was going to interrupt but as the day began to take shape, even small temptations led to monumental failures. I could see for myself that I needed to take a break. My willpower is just worn out. I need some fat calories to fuel it up again – ha ha!

After I wake on Tuesday morning, I can begin to eat P3 style, for awhile. I’m not sure how long. I am guessing it won’t be too long because my first round of P3, after a few days I was like “What was that deprived feeling I had all about?” I guess after you get some different nutrients, proteins, and fats into you, you tend to forget about what it feels like to want. (But right now I WANT!) I did plan on taking an interruption beginning about a week before Christmas but I don’t think I want to extend this one out that long. I assume I’ll be back in the saddle or at least on the wagon well before Christmas. I don’t want to end the round for reasons I’ve already stated but I’ve got to do something cuz sumpin’s broked.

I can’t bring myself to tell you just how bad I blew it yesterday and today.

Anyway. Everyday is a new day. I was still 135 this morning which was no loss, no gain. I *am* afraid to weigh in the morning so I might just maybe not gonna weigh maybe dunno. Maybe tomorrow I can end the last 24 hours of the 72 with discipline and grace before beginning The Emergency Interruption. I guess I’ll have to take food with me to work and act like I’m on a P2 diet rather than not eat anything all day then turn into a hunger-crazed animal and act like I’m on a See-Food diet (see-food-and-eat-everything-in-sight).

So, that’s what it’s like to be human.

The Prize Beads

They’re the silver and gold ones to the left and right of the center bead – the one with the spirals, and the other one with the “O”s.

The spiral one was the prize for reaching my goal of 20 lbs of loss this round, the other one was a huge surprise to make up for the prize that never really got finished way back from last round. If you will recall, DH was supposed to clean off the porches for one of my weight loss benchmarks but he never got around to the back porch…so I not so subtly hinted that he could just get me a particular inexpensive charm bead to make up for it, that way he wouldn’t have that hanging over his head anymore. I was incredibly surprised when I opened the box and found both of my favorite coveted beads in there…and not the inexpensive one that I had asked for either. I never dreamed he’d get me both of these.
The bracelet he got me last Christmas along with two of the glass beads, the 3rd glass bead I got myself and the two squiggly silver beads he got me for my birthday. Yes, it’s another faddy materialistic consumerist pursuit but it sure is fun and it makes me happy. That counts for a lot.

Real Quick Like….

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Just a quick note – I am down to 135 lbs with only 25 more lbs to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hubby got me prizes – charm beads for my Pandora bracelet. I’ll show pics tomorrow or sometime.

Lost 20.2 Lbs So Far!

You probably want pictures. Well.

I’m so excited!

I lost 20 Lbs!

I get my 20 Lb prize!

I made my 20 lb goal before Thanksgiving!

Total poundage lost since committing to this diet overall is 58.6 lbs. I have 26.4 more lbs to lose to reach goal. I’m going to qualify that statement once again and say that if my goal turns out to be underweight, then it will have to be adjusted upward. It is difficult to know just what I should weigh.

Yesterday, I wore the thrift store (fake) size 2 petite jeans all day with a slight muffin belly effect but not in a painful way. I am pleased with the fit, they are Eddie Bauer brand which is neither here nor there but at least now I have an idea of where I can go to get something that fits. I’d say they are probably like the old-fashioned size 6. Doesn’t that just seem unreal? One day a size 6, the next a size 2…but it’s all the same.

Speaking of pictures, I guess I won’t do the black tights against a white door again. Too much contrast. I’ll either go back to the boy shorts or find a new darker background with the tights.

As Christmas plans are coming together, I am gleefully anticipating more everyday the 7 day planned interruption. It will prolong the round but judging from my agony towards the end of my first round, this break might really help me stay focused for the long haul. I’m in for an extra long Phase 2 round anyway since I plan to stay on it until I reach goal or hit immunity. I just don’t really want to have to do this again. Mainly, I don’t want to have to wait for another whole round to get new clothes. (Yes, it’s all about the clothes!) I don’t like finding something then having to get rid of it and finding something new. Finding new stuff part is ok, the parting with stuff part isn’t my favorite, cathartic – yes, easy – no.

Lost Yesterday’s Pound Plus .4 More

I’ll never understand. Maybe it really was that apple. Or just weirdness.

My vote is weirdness. That settles it.

So I’m down 1.4 lbs from yesterday to 137.6. Only 1 more pound to go to hit 20 lbs of loss.

Here’s my records for the last week.

date weight
11/15/2010 141
11/16/2010 140.2
11/17/2010 139.8
11/18/2010 139.4
11/19/2010 138
11/20/2010 139
11/21/2010 137.6

I think I’ll be needing to mix up more HCG today.

Not much more exciting things to tell. Wore the size old-fashioned size 7 non-stretch jeans again yesterday and they weren’t tight at all, very, very comfortable.

Gained A Pound

I even skipped a veggie serving yesterday, didn’t eat off-protocol, drank plenty of water. I don’t understand.

I ate beef, chicken, onion, apple, strawberries with cocoa powder, green tea, oolong tea, mint green tea, and water. Ugh, you know, I think I ate two apples. I had one in the afternoon but I think I also had one for breakfast which I had forgotten about. I can’t believe that made me gain a whole pound. Mystery solved?

Broke the 140 Barrier: 138 LBS, Only 28 More

I broke into the 139’s apparently during the two days I did not weigh but I suspected I had. I was an even 138 this morning!!!!!!!! Yes, that means only 28 more lbs to go until goal! 28 feels like nothing. Nothing compared to the 85 to lose I started with.

My scale reads body fat and I am not sure if I trust it, let alone understand it. It still says I’m obese even though the USRDA’s or whatever official alphabet agency that is that puts out the BMI charts says I’m no longer obese, just overweight. But I guess the scale could potentially be more accurate since it reads more than just height and weight. Right now at 138 lbs, I’m just 5 lbs heavier than what I was in 1995 but I was fat then too.

I went to the thrift store in the past couple days to find some jeans that don’t fall off my hips. The size that fit well was a 4. A modern 4, no doubt. But I passed them up because I knew I would be shrinking again and they were a bit too long. I ended up with two pairs of size 2’s. Modern 2’s, no doubt. Tight around the waist but ok as long as I wear a tent-like top. However, I found a pair of jeans marked size 5 that weren’t stretchy. They were possibly a low-rise and also bootcut or flare leg which makes me think they are on the nearer side of the millennium, but there was no possible way those were going to fit. I couldn’t even get them pulled up all the way, let alone buttoned. So whoever put the tags on those size 2 jeans…well, they need to protest to their lying employers. I don’t even wear a real size 5, let alone a 4 or a 2. I am pretty sure I’m a solid 7/8 right now, in the old-fashioned sizing method I was subject to all of my childhood and adult life up until now. But as the world turns, I’ll have to settle for the perjurious size 2.

Gonna Make That 139 Goal Early!

I’m down .8 lb this morning to 140.2 !!!! I was so excited to see a dramatic drop, and that the scale has begun moving again after an excruciatingly week of slow loss.

Lose and Gain, Lose and Gain

I was occupied with housey type stuff yesterday so didn’t bother to turn the time-wasting machine on A.K.A. The Computer to post my new weight but I had gained .6 lb even after re-weighing and re-re-weighing. At some point I had to decide to just go on with life.

The good news, no, the great news is that this morning, I am down 1.8 lbs from yesterday to 141! However in the entire scheme of things, it’s only 1.2 lbs lower than my previous lowest weight which is still great news. That means I’ve averaged .6 lbs loss per day over the past 2 days. It makes hitting 139 goal before Thanksgiving entirely possible – just 2 more lbs!

I stayed up pretty late last night, well, like 5 AM because I got a sudden uncontrollable urge to bake banana bread muffins, like 6 dozen of them because I can’t do anything in a moderate and balanced way. And I only have one muffin tin. At the last dozen, I realized I didn’t have enough muffin cup papers so I baked the last batch into a loaf which was fine but instead of 30 minutes, it takes 1 hr and 15 mins. This time I substituted 1/3 of the organic unbleached pastry flour for organic whole white wheat. Most foodies and bakers are aware of the product but if not, whole white wheat is like regular whole wheat flour in the way it still contains the bran except the variety of wheat isn’t the typical hard red wheat berry, it is called white wheat. It is softer and more mellow flavored and doesn’t have the strong wheat overtones like regular whole wheat has. Funny as it seems, baking muffins was a gloriously happy experience for me, everything going so well, me not even wanting to taste them or sample the ingredients or batter, and feeling so useful and productive.

Since Ken’s therapist has identified a marker for wheat-intolerance, I’ve been trying to be get my mind wrapped around things like spelt and alternative grains. Even though the muffins are for the shop, not for him, I still have a desire to learn to adapt my recipes to benefit us because there is always stuff leftover that doesn’t sell. It is entirely possible that I also have a wheat intolerance based on allergies I’ve had for years but I really don’t know at this point.

Oh, I said I’d report back on how the size 7 jeans fit. Tried’em on again last night and they were more comfortable than before. Very wearable but still snug, with a muffin top belly but not as bad as last time.

Dad, Skip This Post….Seriously

…because I think you’ll be embarrassed which will make me embarrassed. This post has no useful information to you whatsoever but may have good information for other women on the HCG protocol.

So I think I figured out what my problem has been this last week – TOM. My period came on Sunday morning. I was obviously PMS’ing this last week. My weight was jumping around like a frog on methamphetamine, I experienced a terrible case of water retention that would come one day and go the other, ridiculous cravings, binging…yes, binging. I cheated big time. I didn’t say anything on here because last time I posted that I cheated my DF jumped my case after I was already feeling down on myself so I didn’t need to hear it again. That was the first and only time I just started shoveling in mouthful after mouthful of off-protocol foods on this round or last. I just felt overwhelmed with desire to EAT! That was the day before I did the big hike in the woods with the dog. I had reported that I had a stall the day before but it was a huge fat lie. I actually had a 2 lb gain. I’ve taken a few cheater bites after that, a teensy fingertip taste of peanut butter here and there, a micro-cube morsel of a cheese sample at the grocery but nothing that I thought might register on the scale. Yes, it was cheating but I can’t even explain how terrible the food cravings have been. I wasn’t like this last round, really much at all, well maybe at the end where all I wanted to eat was fried chicken and greasy pot roast.

I got cramps yesterday a little. I don’t usually have cramps with my period, only rarely and if I do, they aren’t very painful. But, OMG, today was out of another universe, I was in crying pain, terrible horrible awful pain. Not that my cycles are ever regular or cyclical but I hadn’t had my TOM since August 11th. Normally my cycle only skips a month. On round 1, I was prone to having them closer together than a month which was pretty annoying.

DH has finally become attracted to my decreased butt size. All it took was 50 lbs. LOL!

Now, Dad, if you’ve read this far, I think I’ll just go die of embarrassment.

Pee and Lose 3 Lbs

Can you believe it? 3 lbs since yesterday! My new weight is 142.2!!!!!!!!!!! It’s as if I never went off track. Since the day before yesterday when I was at 143 (for the second day in a row), this new loss will have averaged out to .4 lbs per day, not including the 3 lb gain or subsequent loss. I’m just comparing my 143 weight to my 142.2 weight because obviously something wonky was going on yesterday with my body being stingy with pee. Actually, it probably helped that I drank probably over a half-gallon of water like I should be, precisely 1/2 gallon plus 7.1 ounces of water which I’ll round up to a cup for simplicity.

I think to stay motivated, I’m going to focus on how sweet it will be to crash the 140 lb barrier, 139 is the short-term goal. At 136.6 lbs, I’ll be up for my 20lb award prize. Hmm, what should I want this time and can I do it before Thanksgiving????? Just did the math and if I can average .467 lbs per day loss up to Thanksgiving, then I’ll have reached my 20lb goal.

Today’s eats will be chicken, apple, grapefruit and not sure what else. Probably more chicken or protein powder and another yet undetermined veggie.

Can’t Bake Goodies on HCG, Made Dog Biscuits Instead

I know this is totally off topic but whatever since it’s my blog and I am allowed to have whatever amount of incongruity as I want.

I had made dog biscuits once before but burned some and the dog wouldn’t even eat those. There were a lot of the batch that did turn out though but I thought there had to be an easier way. I think I hit on a good recipe this time, I even wrote it down. I’m so happy with these little doggie cracker-bites that I’m going to share it with you. Since I use all human-food grade ingredients, I was able to sort of try them but had to spit the mess out of my mouth before swallowing as I’m still on P2. They are crunchy sort of like a savory cracker or seasoned crouton with the texture of a crisp, shortbread cookie. The goodboy dog LUVVVVS them!

I used organic ingredients for everything available specifically avoiding genetically modified foods, soy, corn and wheat which can all be potential allergens to dogs. The butter I used could be substituted for tallow, lard, unrefined coconut oil, or non hydrogenated palm oil

Chithi’s Cracker Cubes

You need a meat grinder for this.

2 pints chicken hearts
1 pint chicken livers
5 cups oat flour
1 cup sweet brown rice flour….or just rice flour is fine, I’m sure
1 whole average size tomato
1 large egg
1/3 to 1/2 cup of butter, oil, lard or other fat. Sorry, I didn’t measure. Didn’t measure anything except the meat and flours, actually.
1 TB paprika
1/2 to 1 tsp salt, or so, I think, I did it by taste since the meat is cooked already
1/4 tsp xanthan gum…not entirely necessary
1/4 tsp oregano
1 tsp baking soda, non-aluminum
1/2 tsp Herbes de Provence
3 dashes of nutmeg
1 dash of bombay seasoning

Ok, so for the seasonings, you don’t have to use those exactly. In dog treat cookbooks, I noticed them calling for a wide variety of herbs and spices, notably rosemary and parsley. I didn’t have any rosemary in the cupboard so I used the herbs de Provence because it has rosemary in it. The nutmeg and the Bombay (East Indian) seasoning was to give it that je ne sais quois, something more than a meat aroma but not enough that anyone could pick it out. I considered garam marsala or curry powder as well. Chinese 5 spice might have been nice! Last time I used lots of parsley and rosemary and that was great. Although it seems that dogs don’t appreciate different flavors and subtle spices by the way they cannot possible savor bites of food in their mouths as they ingest by inhaling, I really believe they do enjoy the different aromas of their foods (why do they like human food so much and prefer it over their own?), and their sense of smell is a zillion times better than ours and you know most of what you “taste” is actually aroma, so…. However, don’t give them garlic. I also avoid onions. There is something about dogs and cats physiology that makes them intolerant to those things and will cause damage to their red blood cells, or was that white blood cells? Anyway, no garlic or onion for puppy or kitty. Ok, sorry, the directions follow.

Cook the hearts and livers in a pot, dump it all in, don’t drain off the blood. Seriously. Add salt (as much as if you were salting to eat it yourself) and about 2 TB of vinegar. Boil or simmer until the liquid that remains is mostly just fat, maybe a 1/4 cup or so in the bottom of the pan. Put all this through a meat grinder using the finest grind.

If you have a stand mixer, you can just do it all in there with a paddle beater, otherwise just stir it all together then get your hands in it and knead. To the meat, add 1 cup rice flour, 5 cups oat flour, 1 tsp baking powder, egg, 1/3 – 1/2 cup butter or fat, tomato, and all the herbs and spices. Feel free to change the seasonings, like barbecue might be nice. I wanted to do that but my BBQ powder had spicy chili pepper in it and I didn’t feel like the dog would appreciate hot pepper.

It should be about the consistency of cookie dough. If too dry, add milk, I guess or if too wet, add more oat flour. Press into a cookie sheet that has sides. My cookie sheet is about 18×22″ size or so, meaning it is quite big, actually. If you have to use smaller pans, that’s ok too but the cooking times will have to be watched and adjusted closely. With a knife or pizza cutter, cut one way and then the other making a grid of whatever size biscuits you want. Don’t just score, cut all the way through. I made mine roughly 1/2″ squares since we use the treats for training and I’ll be giving him a whole bunch of pieces within a short period of time.

Bake in oven on top rack at 325 for about an hour, more or less, depending on how thick your dough is. Periodically, I’d pry a square out to cool so I could check to see how done it was getting. I wanted something more cookie-like and crunchy than soft and bready. When you feel it’s ready, remove from oven and re-cut the pieces. Actually, if I could have a do-over, at about halfway done, I’d take them out and re-cut at that early stage so they get evenly heated all the way down through the cut. Anyway, take them off the cookie sheet to cool, or not. Take a nibble, they are actually tasty, like croutons sorta. Careful not to burn though. If the edges are getting too dark and the middle is not, I guess you could cut them apart and take the done ones out and put the rest back in, like I had to do.

The More Fat I Lose, the More I Gain

I was up 2.2 lbs this morning. Didn’t eat off anything off protocol yesterday, not even cocoa powder. I ate egg for one protein serving yesterday for the first time on this round.

Yesterday, the only opportunity I had to weigh was after 6 hours of sleep and I showed that I gained 1 lb so, I guess 144 for for no reason that I could think of, other than just weighing too early but I decided not to record it as I didn’t imagine it could be accurate but now, I’m wondering if I should.

I did have exercise class yesterday and on top of my already sore lower body caused by getting lost in the woods, my muscles feel like hamburger so I’m sure there is a fair bit of water retention going on. All that, coupled with the fact that I ate a lot of salt and drank about enough water to sustain a hamster yesterday, I guess are good excuses as to why the 2.2 gain isn’t fat. But then I ask myself, what is it really? I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, even though there’s a good explanation for all of this.

At least my pants are fitting better. Jeans that were very snug at the beginning of this round were baggy in the butt and thighs yesterday. Those are my pre-1999 non-stretch size 9/10’s. This is why I know it isn’t fat-weight that keeps showing up on the scale. I’ll have to report back on how the 7’s fit now, as I haven’t worn them again since that one day.

To Claw One’s Way Out of a Stall, Up a Hill, Up Another…etc

I was down this morning to 143, a loss of just .4 lb. I suspect some muscle fatigue related water retention. At least the dog didn’t pee on me.

My dayhike yesterday with the dog went pretty darn well and I was feeling only mild fatigue and a tiny bit of joint pain near (what I thought was) the end, which turned out to be just the middle. I was overjoyed that the dog also remained pukeless on the way there.

Athens has a minimally-groomed tangle of backwoods hiking/biking trails that meander through parks, reserves and right-of-ways on private land deep in the woods yet on the edge of town, with access starting in the town proper, believe it or not. I’ve hiked the trails a few different times before and although not exactly walk-in-the-park easy, not an extreme challenge so I didn’t think I needed a map; the leaves were off so I’d be able to get my bearings easily (dream on). My plan was to park at the far end and exit in a particular place where it wraps around the ridge that overlooks the mall near where our shop is located. I’d just take an easy bushwhack down the hill, stop in for a quick fauxcha mauxcha and get a ride back to the car, or just walk back since it’s so close. The main arm of it is called the Athens Trail and is 3.2 miles long and stays pretty much on the ridge top, and as far as I could recall, that is the one I needed to stay on to accomplish my goal. Nevermind, that I hadn’t been that far out on the trail in at least 3 years since before we opened this business.

I had packed 1.5 apples, cocoa powder for my mauxcha at the end, keys, and the dog leash. That’s about it. No water, no extra clothes. This wasn’t going to take long or be difficult. The dog can’t eat or have water before car rides anyway (thinking about the return trip) so that wasn’t an issue. It was a beautiful day, dog was acting right, so right in fact that I let him off the leash. First thing that happened though was he heard/saw an alarmed bird and bounded off after it but the Goodboydog stopped immediately when I yelled at him. He never ran off again after things he couldn’t catch except for the grey squirrel which I pointed out to him and told him to “Get it”. He couldn’t believe his luck and sped away towards the squirrel who sped up a tree, then looked back at me as if to say “Oh Well!” On the trail, he never got much farther away than 3 to 5 paces but kept stopping in the middle of the trail in front of me, looking back and waiting for me to catch up but wouldn’t start walking again until I ran into him. Once I get a pace going, I don’t like to pause every 15 steps. Eventually I picked up a stick to prod him in the butt before I plowed over him. Eventually I even got tired of that, my hand becoming fatigued and me not caring anymore, began to plow over him.

Before I get too far in, here is the map of the trail. I was following the red one.

Where I really wanted to be was clear at the south end of the first finger of the beige colored trail closest to the East State Street (big grey street at bottom of map) near where our shop is, but since I thought I knew where I was going but really didn’t, I got clear near the end of the red trail before the last little leg that drops straight south and I could recognize the highway, the houses in the residential area, and some of the businesses. I had just begun to feel fatigued and I thought my hike was about over but then realized I needed to go back about halfway! I had just noticed my knees and hip starting to send me minor overuse twinges and knew I it was time to stop. So back we went but not before I ate the last 1/2 apple. Not sure what is up with these organic Honeycrisp apples but the dog won’t even eat the cores. He loves other apple cores. ???

Anyway, I knew I need to be on an east-facing ridge so when I came up to the bright green trail, I took it, but as you can see, that was the wrong one. I got clear to the south end of that when I picked up the beige trail and felt uplifted as I began to recognize the terrain even though my knees and hip were getting worse. As the trail began to snake back up the hill , I got worried and made the decision to bushwhack across the valley, hurting joints be damned, since I figured, where I wanted to be was only over the next hill! In order not to extend this saga, what essentially happened is every time I crossed a path which totalled 4 more, I would gain false hope, go for a ways, discover the path leading the wrong direction (back up the hill), and then begin to bushwhack to the east. Finally on the right trail, I did get to the vista where I could see our shop. By that time I hurt so bad I practically had to drag my right leg behind me. And the dog kept stopping in front of me. I wore heavy hiking boots (to support my ankles that to like to bend over in the wrong direction, way too far, on their own accord with impeccable sense of bad timing) so maybe he eventually got tired of me stepping on him. I didn’t have the wherewithal of mind or body not to step on him at that point. And poordoggy, he needed some water 3 miles ago. Yet I still had another half mile (felt like a whole mile, at least) or so to go, through the woods because the the steep drop off that I couldn’t just go from the vista down the hill to the mall, nooooo, i had to go north on the beige trail until I could find a non-steep place to cross down the hill into the valley and bushwhack through the woods, now more heavy with brush, and strange bodies of uncrossable water, and come down behind the mall. My knees would each scream in terror in a syncopated rhythm anytime I might happen to allow the slightest of twist when stepping, which was basically anytime I wasn’t on flat level ground which was the entire time I wasn’t on a trail which was all the time I was bushwhacking…(need I break it down any further?) I continued dragging my right leg behind me because the hip bendy part was throwing a temper tantrum. Not sure what that hurty part was, flexor or extensor, or tendon or something??? dunno. the front part of the bendy part. clear as mud?
Upon setting foot to asphalt, serenity dawned. Traversing the parking lot down to the shop, there were customers waiting in line so I couldn’t get immediate attention from DH but that fauxcha mauxcha was the best one ever, with quad shots of espresso. The rest of the evening was just grand, except for the going-up-and-down-the-stairs part. Oh yeah, the two servings of chicken breast was really nice after that since I hadn’t had my protein yet.

Today, my quads, calves, shins are all beat-up-sore, got holes in my smartwool tights (freaking things were $80!), but I broke the stall. broke the stall.brokethestall…

Damdog didn’t puke until we were less than 2 minutes away from being home. At least it was just water-puke and not food-puke. I won’t remind you of the time he had gorged on chicken poop and then went for a car rid…oh, wait…sorry!

The contents of my pack. The paleolithic hunter-gatherer (is that an oxymoron?) picked up some junk along the way, plus the cocoa powder and stevia I lugged through the woods so I could have my mauxhcha.


Even though I knew something weird happens when I cook beef and tomatoes together, I just had too, with lots and lots of hot chili spice, cumin, garlic, onion powder, paprika, and more chili pepper. I had it 4 meals in a row. I have been freezing from the inside out. HCG dieting is like a sun dress, you can wear it in the winter but you really shouldn’t.

I’ve stalled now for 3 days and I suspect that it might have crept up a bit for this mornings weigh but the scale is acting wonky. I think I’m going for a day hike today with the dog, if I can get him into the car without him peeing on me. Yesterday, I planned to take him to town and go for a hike since the weather in unseasonably pleasant but while I was trying to unhook him from his lead and put him on his leash, he is squirting pee all over and peed on my clean pants. That was about enough of that and I went back in the house and took off the pants and didn’t wear pants the rest of the day in protest of the dog’s uncontrolled peeing.

Creeping Downward: .6 Lbs of Loss in 2 Days

I didn’t weigh yesterday for waking up so early to go to work but this morning I was 143.4 which was an average loss of .3lb per day for the last 2 days. Although I’m kind of disappointed, at least it wasn’t a stall or a gain but I suspect the reason it wasn’t a bigger loss. I haven’t been drinking enough water now that it is cold. I try to drink hot tea but you can only drink so much of that so fast. I guess I’m going to have to put water bottles near the wood stove so I can stand to drink it more. Otherwise, it feels like I start to turn to ice, starting with my teeth, then throat, and esophagus, all the way down to the stomach and the freezing radiates outward from within my core until eventually I’m just a popsicle. (oh, weird, wordpress wants me to capitalize the word popsicle. It thinks it’s a proper noun or something).

And that’s all I know for now!

Down 1 Lb in the Past 2 Days: R2P2D19

I didn’t record my weight yesterday as planned because of getting up too early. I did weigh but it was .2lb higher than the day before and that is always the case when I weigh during a time I should be sleeping. However, I did have a bowel movement yesterday, the first in many days. I was becoming so toxic my skin was breaking out. I can report today that the recent bout of constipation is over.

The recent 1 lb loss results in a 1/2 lb per day loss. I did go to exercise class yesterday but not sure if that has anything to do with it. On Saturday, I did mistakenly buy and eat some collard greens from farmer’s market. I thought I was buying chard but after I had already cooked it and taken the first bites did I realize it wasn’t chard. I ate it anyway and hoped it wouldn’t mess me up. I’ve discovered recently that I really like cooked mustard greens. Yesterday I cooked a mess of them in with my curried chicken. Yum!

I’m not sure what to do about Thanksgiving. Since my dad is on HCG, too, not sure if he’s going to be on P2 or P3 then but it is only 20 days away. The only P3 compliant Thanksgiving foods are pretty much just turkey or turkey.

Welcome to the Brave New World…

…where women’s clothes have tags with random numbers indicating sizes that are both false and arbitrary.

I had a brave idea to go try on pants today to see where I am size-wise and went to Elder-Beerman this time. I started in the Misses’ section and grabbed both a 6 short and a 4 short with fore-knowledge of the vanity sizing changes that have occurred since I have wore that size. More or less, I was just disgusted at what they’ve done to women’s clothes. Not only does the new size 4 jeans pull up and zip, they are sort of loose around the abdomen. What is up with that? At 145 lbs, I should NOT be wearing a size 4! I thought maybe it was just that misses’ sizes were all crazy and maybe juniors or petites would be better, I so I tried on a 5 and 7 juniors. Did you know this major clothing retailer in our town doesn’t carry any juniors jeans that aren’t “super low rise” ? And why on earth does anyone think that having your back pockets sewn on clear down past your butt looks or feels good? Again, I experienced disgust at the fact that a 5 is no longer a 5, based on the fact that I could wear it, but the stupid-ass ass pockets clear down on the backs of the thighs. Who wants to actually sit upon their pockets or the things in them? I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to buy my jeans from the second hand shop, or wait for fashions to change. No luck in petite’s either, the smallest size was a 4 and we already know what happened with that. It’s not like I am really ready to wear those small sizes comfortably yet, I was just hoping for a size to shoot for, for some material motivation to hang in my closet.

All this was spurned by this morning’s readying for work; I had to go into town today and while picking out clothes, I thought to myself “hmmm, I wonder if I can wear those size 7’s in the closet today?” Those size 7’s are an old fashioned 7 like from maybe the year 1999 or something. They aren’t stretchy. The waist isn’t really high or really low. Just normal. I bought them in about 2003 or so at a thrift store because they had such a neat one of a kind dye-job. They were too small but I was dieting at the time and thought that I could wear them one day. Well, today was One Day!

In my clothes hunt, I guess I was just hoping to find an envious pair of pants, like something smaller than this size 7 I wore today, maybe a size 4 or 5 that was too small that could be the last pair of pants on the hanger at the back of the closet. Back when a 5 was a 5, I was like 120 before I could even squeeze into them and I don’t even want to talk about a 2 or a 3. Unfortunately, it appears that all American women are now a (fake) size 4 or larger (A.K.A. the old size 8 ). No one exists smaller than that anymore. McDonald’s won.

As an aside, I might not weigh tomorrow since it will be Milk Day. Maybe.

Back on Track: Down 11 lbs

Yesterday paid off, I’m down .3 lbs from where I left off 3 days ago for a total of 11 lbs to 145.6. I’m having a real hard time reciting my weight lately. It’s been so long since I’ve been in the 140’s that I automatically say or type 150-something, then have to go back and check.

I enjoyed my chicken yesterday. I used yellow curry powder, plenty of it, salt, onion and garlic powder. That is always a treat, and I have two servings left of it for today. :-)

The terrible ongoing hunger has abated. That I am thankful for. So whoever told me it takes about 2 weeks for the hunger to stop was right.

I’ve been having fun making piles of clothes to donate, to tear into rags, or just plain throw away. Overstuffed drawers are now a thing of the past.

I exercised to my DVD yesterday. I’m not really even sore today so looks like I’m conditioning well. Exercise class was canceled last Thursday which was good because I don’t think I could have handled both Wed and Thur like I had planned on. The mini stall last week was from the exercise I did on Wednesday so glad I didn’t do anything on Thursday.

I can’t think of too much more meaningful things to say so bye for now!

Cheated,Gained,Back On Wagon

This past Saturday, it was another early-wake up morning so I did not weigh which was my first mistake, I’m sure. Since I had to work all day, I was presented with the temptation of caramelly-smelling syrups and scrumptious looking bakery treats at every work station. I bought a pound of lean hamburger at Farmer’s Market and cooked it for lunch but I ate half of it or so, but more likely “or so” because what was left over didn’t look like half. Then when I went home, at a late-ish hour, again feeling the emptiness of a ravenous gut, I cooked and ate some fish. I don’t know how much, I just cooked it and ate it and ate it and ate it, and…well, you get my point. What I couldn’t eat, I gave to the cat and watching her eat reminded me of myself.

So anyway…I fell into a deep depression on Sunday morning after I had performed every scale-trick I knew but was still weighing 1.2 lbs heavier than last time I got an accurate weight. I was pretty darn good yesterday, only sneaking a mouse size nibble of Dutch extra aged 1000 day Gouda cheese at 11:00pm last night even though it was in the freezer, double wrapped and then put in a ziplock, and hidden. Why do I do this to myself? I am my own best saboteur.

Regardless of my mouse nibble cheese, I lost .6 lb of my gain so if I can stay on the wagon and exhibit self control, then maybe I can wake up tomorrow and show another .6lb loss and be back to the last weight I was before gaining again.

I want to talk about cod fish for a second. It was the first time I had eaten it this round. The first time I ate it the other night, I felt sort of nauseous, like it was just sitting there in my stomach not wanting to digest. I drank some tea with a squeeze of lemon juice to aid digestion then drank some digestion tea later. That was weird.


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